WEB BUILD : Movement is ZQSD, use E to interact with objects you think you can interact with. Framerate lock and resolution downgrade. Download the Windows build for optimal performance, and for button customization, see the notes below.

The six illusions (to celebrate the 6th Game Zanga jam).

This game is about you. and a world of illusion around you. Enjoy.

This game could have been much better, but I joined late, only 48h ftw.

Illusion is a very nice theme, too bad not all participants respected it, good luck to everyone though.

Install instructions

Extract and open the .exe file, slowly with love.

Don't forget to set your resolution, and Input before pressing Play, there are no menus inside the game.

Default Controls : ZQSD for movement, and E for interaction and grabbing cubes.

PS: keep the z button as the forward movement button for gameplay consistency. You can always add W as your second forward button if you have a WASD keyboard, just don't remove Z.

PS: I love the letter Z.


The_Six_Illusions.rar 11 MB


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I coudnlt adjust to the ZQSD controls, it is better to go with what most people are accustom to (AWSD), I had to use my keyboard arrows for movement. I still didn't figure the game out. First, I tried to carry yellow box to yellow platform then other colors but they'll kept disappearing once I reach platform area.

It's part of the gameplay for the boxes to reset, watch the clock, and see why it happens.

I wrote the solution in the walkthrough uploaded with the .zip file.

And I pologize for the ZQSD controls, my keyboard is AZERTY, the "default" for me is that, you can always change them in the control Input for the .zip file. I explained everything in the description.